Salsa Spirit . . . . . Self-Expression through Movement!

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Quotes Five years ago when my husband retired, we decided to learn to dance as an activity we could do together. We had both been advised to take up an activity to keep our ageing joints from deteriorating. We tried the gym, jogging and swimming, but none had the appeal of dancing - namely fun and interaction with others. In Franklyn's classes not only do we learn to dance with different partners but we have become part of an extended family where age, ability to dance (or otherwise) and physical attributes - like 3 left feet, pale into insignificance compared with liberation, confidence building, respect, fun and a fantastic social life. The music and dancing keep us young at heart - every pensioner's dream! Quotes
Linda and Ken
salsa pensioners

Quotes My name is Sue and i am a salsa addict , thanks to my friend Alex . She invited me to go with her to salsa and i had a great night . Every year i go to spain to visit friends and when i go to a local restaurant everybody is up dancing and i sit there like a wall flower watching . So along came my invite to spain for a wedding and i decided to have lessons with Franklyn and continued to go to class . what a great teacher so patient and talented i cannot believe that i can salsa and have only been going 7 months .The wedding was september 14th i didnt tell anybody that i was having lessons and guess what ? i was brilliant and they couldnot believe it . That was down to Franklyn (my brilliant teacher) so a very big thankyou you made my trip very enjoyable and i would recommend you to anybody that would like to learn salsa . I would like too also say i have made a good friend :) Thankyou again Quotes

Quotes SALSA! life affirming and pure joy. The passion of salsa music and dance continue to transform my daily life. It has given me self discipline, lifelong friendships and a window through which to explore my creativity. Franklyn has been my teacher and friend for 6 years - both in classes and private tuition. He is knowledgeable, intuitive, tenacious,inspiring and patient! I shall always dance! Quotes

Quotes We first met Franklyn at a salsa weekend where he was giving a beginners class. We decided to take one of his advertising cards and arranged for lessons......What a brilliant idea that was because we have had lessons with other teachers but Franklyn has been by far the best. His teaching methods are relaxed and fun and you can tell through his enthusiasm that he enjoys seeing the improvements in his pupils. He teaches more than just a bunch of moves and gets you to think more about listening to the music and creating a dance. We enjoy our lessons enourmously and would recommend Franklyn to anybody wanting to learn slasa. Quotes
Ken and Debra

Quotes I have been attending Franklyn's classes since Jan 2008. I have found in Franklyn a teacher who is dedicated in taking his time in teaching his students the art of crossbody on 2 to a new level. At Franklyn's classes you will get attention to detail from a beginner to the more advanced student in terms of achieving the timing on every salsa move so that you get the confidence to move on within the class. Salsa has changed my life completely, i love the music, the social dancing and most of all i am very grateful to Franklyn for teaching us new moves every week in his class ,, Quotes
Barry Spillane
A student in Franklyn's class

Quotes My name is Janet, I am a Civil Servant and live and work in Manchester. I first learned to dance Salsa nearly 10 years ago and Franklyn was my first teacher. He was passionate and enthusiastic about the dance then and this quality has remained, and still is an attractive feature frequently commented upon by those who come into contact with Franklyn. Franklyn in his own right is a trailblazing pioneer in the Salsa arena dancing environment. Although I no longer dance due to other commitments, Franklyn?s unique teaching skills has laid the foundations for me to further develop and grow in confidence in pursuing and achieving success with other creative activities Quotes
Janet Ann
Bespoke Cardmaker

Quotes The first time I've entered in the salsa class I was nervous because that was my first ever dance class and that too is a couple dance and now I've been doing salsa for past 2 months under Franklyn's supervision. The way Franklyn manage the class is awesome cause even though you don't know how to dance you will enjoy learning salsa. From basic steps to more complex one, from seriousness to humours jokes of Franklyn. All in all, learning salsa under Franklyn is the best choice I've made. Quotes
Rahul Singh Tomar

Quotes I have taken classes from Franklyn during Hall Activities of UOM and I loved the experience. He is a highly gifted dancer & teacher, and really has a knack for making the class a fun & enjoyable experience. I particularly like how students can ask questions to get a better understanding of various techniques. He is always very patient and cheerful fun-loving personality always makes the session a great time. To top it all, he webs the history of Salsa beautifully around his dance to make it a time worth spent. Lots of love franklyn............ Hope to see a lot more of your classes.. Quotes
deepanshu srivastava

Quotes I am Annie Targett, since I was a little girl my passion has been dancing. I turned professional in my late teens and was fortunate that my chosen career path helped me to travel to exotic locations and enjoy the rich tapestry of life. I am now married, with a family but still love to dance. Recently I was selected to appear on Come Dine With Me, the channel 4 show All the contestants were encouraged by the production staff to proved some entertainment I wanted something fun,enjoyable that would help make my evening a success. I was introduced to Franklyn I was very cautious as I had never salsa danced before. He called to my house brought some music and within one hour had convinced me that the standard was good enough for national TV. Quotes
Lady Annie Targett (Part 1)
Lady Annie (WINNER)from Come Dine With Me CH4

Quotes The next day was my hosting evening it was a great success and proved to be the winning night of the week. I am sure part of this was due to the fun we all had salsa dancing I just want to thank him for putting me at ease helping me learn to salsa making my night a great one and being a nice guy and perfect gentleman Kind regards Lady Annie Targett Quotes
Lady Annie Targett (Part 2)
Lady Annie (WINNER)from Come Dine With Me CH4