Salsa Spirit . . . . . Self-Expression through Movement!

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Quotes I always come out of the classes feeling lifted and with a smile on my face. I wouldn't want any other teacher. :) Thank you Franklyn. Quotes

Quotes I only started salsa with Franklyn a few months ago, and I'm already hooked. It has actually taken over my schedule - I'm passing up everything else to go to all the classes! Franklyn is an amazing teacher; his classes have such a fabulous atmosphere, and even though I'm not very good, I have so much fun. I've made some awesome friends here I would never have known otherwise, too! Thankyou Franklyn :) Quotes

Quotes I have been to salsa lessons in several places, but this is the only class where the instructor, Franklyn, says 'ask me questions!' Usually, they say 'thanks for coming, practice what you have learned today.' How can I practice the steps which I am not sure! When I ask one question, Franklyn has two answers. When I ask two questions, he has four answers. Whenever I ask a question, he finds something wrong with my steps and he corrects me. I really feel that I am 'learning' dancing. Quotes
Ask questions!

Quotes I am a student at the University of Manchester and I had never danced before I came to Franklyn's class. To be honest, I used to be a person who would never imagine himself dancing. This one month changed everything. I saw that this what I can do now, is very beautiful . First time I realized the beauty of being rewarded by warm smile of the lady when you make her feel "like a feather". I especially like Franklyn's style, he is a very good teacher and very positive person. His classes are so much fun. Now I start my every new day with salsa music, I do morning exercises with "Baila mi Hermano" and I think I am addicted to this. Thanks a lot, Franklyn, for the great time. Thanks a lot for the great change. Quotes
Vahid Masmaliyev
The guy hanging on the door

Quotes I've been doing Salsa classes with Franklyn for around 5 months now and I'm hooked! Franklyn has a great teaching style. He doesn't just teach you the steps and "how to do it", he also encourages you to dance with feel and he instills his pupils with confidence. I've recently attended my first Salsa party which was organised by Franklyn, and I felt confident enough to dance with people I had never met before. It was a very enjoyable night and everyone was really friendly. Quotes
Wannabe Salsera :-)

Quotes My name's Alex, I love spending time with family & friends, eating good food, and dancing salsa! Salsa is really addictive, I love the style of dancing, and just want to keep learning more & more. Franklyn is great at what he does, he's a good teacher, and his classes are really enjoyable. Quotes
Alex Air Stewardess

Quotes My name is Gwen, I am a hairdresser and live and work in Manchester. I owned my own business from the age of 20 and sold it several years ago but continue to work for myself which is when my journey with dance started. All my life I wanted to dance and danced my first steps at 40 which is why I chose salsa as it?s a free dance and needs no prior experience. I began dancing at copacabana in Manchester and after enquiring about teachers I was led to Franklyn who is a very gifted dancer and teacher. I began classes and private tuition with him, a few years up the road he remains my teacher. I feel Franklyn understands the deeper meanings of dance and movement and the freeing and healing energy it brings. This is my journey so far and I intend to keep travelling. Quotes
Gwen Mayor

Quotes I am an academic at the University of Manchester, where Monday mornings have become more manageable with the option of a salsa class at lunchtime.When not working I fly light aircraft and a hot air balloon. Last year I had the opportunity to try gas ballooning . I was competing in , the worlds oldest aeronautical race. The winner is simply the team that flies the furthest, in a balloon of limited size.The basket has a floor area of about 5ft x 4ft, or as much space as Franklyn would give you on the dance floor if he was feeling generous.. I was flying for the UK, as one half of a ladies team. We launched from Geneva,, and landed three days later south of Toledo in Spain. For this we gained the Womens world duration record, and a dance with the Swiss version of Mr Bean at the Awards ceremony (but it wasnt salsa). Quotes
Ann Webb (the balloon Lady)
the Womens world duration record